Scoot Speaks. Finally.

Scoot Speaks. Finally.

Oct 25
Scoot Speaks. Finally.

Welcome to Scoot Speaks, our online voice. But more than just a voice, this will be where you can connect with us. Your window to our soul, as they say.

We are busy getting ready for our official birthday, the date of which we cannot disclose right now. But be warned, you will definitely hear about it when it comes.

Till then – stay cool, stay funky.


- Haresh, the Digital Dude, on behalf of the Scoot family


  1. I say very happy birthday to “Scoot Airlines” and i hope scoot will be the world’s best Airline in future.

  2. khalid

    I would like to be a part of scoot family, may I? I have several years of experience in airline industry, vast knowledge about airlines which I would love to share with all of you.

  3. Dear Team,
    Will there be a seat for me on Scoot?

    I am a 65 year old traveller, who is a Singaporeaholic. In the last two years, as my husband is not keen on humidity, my youngest daughter has travelled with me to Singapore – she lives in Sydney and we enjoy our special holiday together time – we have lots of laughs. I would like to think I could keep coming up, and the airline I travelled on these last two trips was Singapore Airlines.

    However, actually on the plane coming home this year , I read in the Straits Times that Singapore Airlines was going to start up a budget airline, so I was very pleased to at last see details of Scoot.

    However again, it seems to me that it will be very heavily geared to the young, Ipod/face book/twitter/wireless type folk – not me.

    I have travelled Business and Sardine on Singapore Airlines,; Upper and Premium Economy on Virgin Atlantic and Premium on Air Asia X in recent years. I have flown up via Darwin with Tiger. I have tried to accumulate loyalty points, but am about to let my Krisflyer points go next year and come up cheap and cheerful, and go home Premium.

    I am not interested in airport lounges/airline food and drinks/ electronic gadgetry and loud music with inaudible words. I AM interested in a cabin with leg room, wider seating and preferably an ability to watch a couple of movies (I do enjoy Kris world – makes a boring trip Scootolerable), safety, reliability, AND importantly, value for money.

    I look forward to seeing your Scootastic fares in the near future.

    Jenny Honey , Darnum 3822 Australia

    PS Would be very pleased if you flew out of Melbourne – Sydney Airport is Scooterrible as far as I am concerned.

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