She’ll ‘headhunt’ you down! Scoot’s Head of HR, Theresa Tan!

She’ll ‘headhunt’ you down! Scoot’s Head of HR, Theresa Tan!

Jan 19
She’ll ‘headhunt’ you down! Scoot’s Head of HR, Theresa Tan!

You’ve read about the leaders of the different teams so far. But a big part of how they can do what they do is due to the hard work of Scoot’s kickass HR team, led by none other than our ‘mother away from home’: our Head of HR – Theresa Tan. Some of you may have had the pleasure of meeting her during our first mass cabin crew recruitment exercise, but for those of you that haven’t, here goes…

Theresa, the floor (or in this case, the screen) is all yours….

1.  What does your daily routine involve, in 104 words or less?

That’s an interesting question. Well, in short, it’s all about meeting, communicating and understanding the different key stakeholders. Aside from this, the execution of the daily HR operational tasks to ensure the set up of HR infrastructure to acquire as well as manage our talents are tasks which cannot be compromised. In the evening, after some quality family time with my lovely kids and husband, it will be some personal time to self-reflect and strategize the next steps to meet the current dynamic business requirements.

theresa, tan, scoot, movember

Showing her support during Movember 2011

2. What did you do before joining the Scoot Family?

Always been in the HR field, and never regretted a day! I have been in HR in a Manufacturing environment for the past 12 years. This job really enables me to meet with people from all walks of life and it’s always challenging and a pleasure to really get to know them. And I realized through these years that “Communication with Heart” is the key to understanding people regardless of where they come from.

3.  Previously, you worked in HR Departments with 20-30 staff. How is working in the HR department of Scoot, with a full strength of 2 people as of now?

It’s true – I had been working for almost 8 years in a big MNC in the semiconductor industry, with more than 40 HR staff.  3 years ago, I chose to move into another smaller company with a regional role and my team comprised only 4 people. Compared to a big organization, empowerment in smaller organizations is definitely much higher. You have the freedom use your creativity to develop, formulate and define the entire HR function. The inter-departmental working relationship is less complex and communication is so much easier. I always like to share ideas and thoughts with my staff, regardless of whether I work in a big or small organization; it’s the attitude and work ethic that will differentiate your achievements from others. Your personal job satisfaction is derived when you make a difference in the organization, and in other people’s lives.

4. What kind of people is Scoot really looking for?

Definitely someone with the Scootitude! The attitude and the personality of the talents we are sourcing are really the most important criteria we are looking for. And to find out whether you have what it takes, stay tuned and look out for our recruitment drives coming in Feb and March 2012!

theresa tan, hr, peiqin, ivan, rachel

Theresa and her kickass HR team (from L to R) - Yeo Pei Qin, Theresa Tan, Rachel Sim & Ivan Chuah

5. If you could be any animal, what would you be? Why?

Funny question, but after much deliberation and from the feedback I have received from my friends and colleagues, I guess it’s “Tiger”. And the biggest reason is the similarity of some of my personal beliefs to the well-known and controversial writer of the book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” Ms Amy Chua.

I am a task master and is definitely a determined person who will never make compromise for a lower standard. This applies both for my personal life and towards my work. Some of my close friends will sometimes comment that I am too hard on myself. I believe strongly that self-discipline and tenacity is the key to excellence.  ’Hard work, persistence and no patience for excuses’ is probably my personal motto.

There you have it, right from the ‘Tiger’s’ mouth herself.

Thank you, Madame!


  1. Sajan Singh

    Hey Ms Tan, you look niece in your white satin dress, wow from managing 40 Staff then to 04 and then down to 02 a big challenge, i supposed. Ms Tan i am also looking forward to join the Scoot family, i am looking for opening in ground services, i used to work for SATS for 25 years, 4 years with Cathay Pacific and 9 Months for Air Bagan, as a Airport Customer Services Supervisor and Acting Manager, i have submitted my resume,all my information is inside the resume,Do you have any openings for Junior Management level in ground services? I understand Head of Ground Services in Scoot is MR Ramalingam he was ex SATS and Tiger Airways Manager.Hope to received some good news.

    Best Regards.

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  3. Francis John Sanchez

    Hi Miss Tan, just a few weeks ago I submitted a video application along with my resume, I am still very interested to be part of your cabin crew team. I hope that my application was able to reach you and if it did, I hope you do give it a second look! Hoping for your consideration, best regards to SCOOT!


    Francis John Sanchez

  4. “… after much deliberation and from the feedback I have received from my friends and colleagues, I guess it’s “Tiger” ”

    And you work for Scoot now, instead of that ‘other’ budget airline. Funny that ;)

  5. Interesting indeed.

  6. Karen

    sounds like a lovely team to work with.
    will put together my resume and send it but just wondering if older workers will be considered.
    good communications skills and a people person. at 63 just giving it a bash….

  7. Hi Ms. Tan,

    It’s an interesting read and I do wish you every success. I am writing to you from a Malaysian based HR software company and should Scoot ever have the need for a HR full function based software, do let me know.

    You can visit our website for further information.

    Cheers and Happy CNY!



  8. Terry

    Hi Teresa,

    Very keen to get in on the ground floor at least on the Gold Coast. I’ll look forward to be “headhunted” when the time is right.
    Congratulations on Scoot.
    Terry Rooney

  9. Rica Rivera

    I really really really want to join the Scoot family! I hope Ms.Tan will consider my application!(crossing my fingers)Haha:D

  10. Hi Theresa,
    Hearty congratulations on Scoot’s announcement re your plans to introduce services into Queensland’s Gold Coast as from June 12 2012.
    As a small family coach operation of some 25 years experience here on the Gold Coast, we would very much appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you the possibility of becoming your Brisbane guest transfer connection. To us, it is not only important to be well looked after in the air, but also on the ground to your final destination, and that’s where we would excel.
    Not sure if this request is in your domain however, if not, would appreciate if you can pass our request on to the proper authority. Looking forward to hearing from Scoot soon.
    Kind regards and best wishes.
    Kevin & Kate Eke. The Mountain Coach Company.
    p.s. Additional info can be found on our informative website,

  11. Pjey

    Dear Theresa Tan,

    Warm Greetings,

    How can i write to you in regards for a career opportunity.

    Thank you and warmest regards

  12. Liam Campbell

    Good luck recruiting Theresa. Hope you find a lot of Scootable people. Wish I was a little younger I would be applying myself, sounds fun.

  13. Rachel

    Hi. I am interested in applying as cabin crew but I am unable to apply from the website. I am unable to proceed after upload my resume and enter my personal data. There are no more scroll down for the first step.

    Please advise. Thank you.

  14. Her office looks like the set from the show “the office” tho

  15. Sam

    Greeting Ms. Tan,

    WoW, it is so cool to be part of Scoot Team. How can I be part of your team? I, enthusiastically, want to bring my experience and imagination to contribute to Scootitude! Looking forward to hear from you.
    Be Cool,

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