All work and no play makes Scoot a dull place – Happy New Year!

All work and no play makes Scoot a dull place – Happy New Year!

Jan 24
All work and no play makes Scoot a dull place – Happy New Year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai everybody! So up till now, you’ve been reading all our posts profiling the respective team leads within Scoot. But what happens on a day-to-day basis in our humble office between these people and the rest of their teams?

Do we come to the office and chat about life? Play Angry Birds on our iPhones and countdown to our mid-day lunch break, after which we count down to the end of the day when ‘life really begins’??

Of course not!!! In fact the complete opposite! Things are happening so fast in our office with so many exciting things developing that our lunch breaks seem to be getting shorter by the day. Keen to find out more? Stay tuned because going forward we’ll be giving you peeks into what happens in the packed office of an airline that’s slowy sprouting it’s ambitious wings.

To start off on a light note, here is what happened last Friday, 20 Jan, during our Scoot Chinese New Year Celebration! We pimped up our meeting room, and ‘Lohei-ed’ like never before! It was great to have almost the whole office team squeezed into a cosy room, because that rarely happens!

We began with our dear CEO, Campbell, leading the way by bringing us all back down to earth and emphasizing that as hard as we are working, we cannot forget that we are all still part of the Scoot Family, and that we must always be focused on our core values, which include providing the best for our future customers, i.e. YOU!

You must have heard the phrase: ‘Stop and smell the roses’? Well we did, except that we ‘stopped and smelled the Yu Sheng!’

scoot, cny, chinese new year, campbell, wilson

The Scoot Family - Stopping to smell the Yusheng

Once that was done, the fun began! Different team members took turns to prepare the Yu Sheng, before the room erupted into tossing and turning.

scoot, cny, lunar new year, lohei, yusheng

Ready, set....

scoot, cny, lunar new year, lohei, yusheng


The result – a warm fuzzy feeling inside our hearts, and some warm (but not fuzzy) food in our mouths. It was a great welcome to the New Year and the long weekend, and on behalf of the Scoot Team, we’d like to share the love with all of you as well, so click on the video below!

Take care, and talk to you soon.

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  1. Davenal Flanderka

    Congratulations on your arrival in Australia. I read with interest your arrival date at the gold Coast and I look forward to using your services.

    I am a retired Management Accountant, so if I can assist you in any fashion, please let me know.



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