Get Outta Here…to the Gold Coast

Get Outta Here…to the Gold Coast

Feb 13

It seems like just yesterday that I first posted about Scoot being born. But that was way back in November 2011. And look what’s happened since then – we’ve made so many wonderful friends, we’ve ridden (and are still riding!) around the buses in Singapore, and we’ve even said our own first words, ‘Get Outta Here!‘, with the help of our Slogan Challenge Winner.

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And Scoot will help you do just that..

Not something that most people would think would be the most common ‘first words’ said by a newborn, but hey, that’s why Scoot will be different!!

More importantly, we are also learning to fly. As fast as any other airline in the history of the world (if not FASTER). But as the saying goes, ‘gotta learn to walk before we fly’, right? No problemo. We’re pretty confident about our abilities right now, and have gone from crawling around on all fours to running around on our two feet.

Or in the case of our current team, more like a few hundred feet. And we are growing more feet with each passing week, as weird as that sounds.

And now that we can stand taller, and see further, well, we are. So far we’ve set our sights on Sydney and as of last week, THE GOLD COAST.

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Campbell Wilson, our dear CEO, with Anna Bligh (Premier of Queensland) on his left, and on his right, Jan Jarratt, Queensland Tourism Minister)

We have a few more cities and countries that we’ve got our heart set on. We can’t tell you as yet what we are thinking, but we can tell you that you’re definitely gonna get excited. Wanna get the news first? Then sign up for our updates!

It’s been an exciting 3 months so far, an even more exciting past 2 weeks, and we can’t even imagine the next few months. But all this would not have been possible if not for the tremendous enthusiasm shown by all our supporters, i.e. YOU!

Thank you so much for supporting us so far, and we hope your encouragement only gets stronger. You’ve been the ground beneath our feet so far, and once we start flying, we’re gonna need you to be the air beneath our wings.

Whoa. Pretty philosophical, eh? Maybe I should change my name from ‘Digital Dude’ to ‘Philosophical Dude’.

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That's me at work...

See you soon.

- Digital Dude



  1. An avid marathoner

    Hi Scooters!

    I am looking forward to Scoot offering a different flying experience from the rest of the budget airlines. I am in the midst of making travel arrangement for the Goldcoast marathon on 1 July and would like to know when Scoot will be flying to Goldcoast.


  2. Joseph

    Consider flying to Dubai as a destination/hub for the Middle East region.

    Dubai is 7 hrs from Singapore and the flight is always full, even with 3 times daily flights with Emirates, SIA as well as Qatar(once daily).. not to mention Etihad.

    Scoot stands to gain significantly to link 2 the 2 hubs together.


  3. What a great blog

  4. We are members from the DARE running team,first initial from our names, i.e.
    And we cannot wait to fly Scoot to Gold Coast for 2012 marathon on 1 July.

  5. Wong Chee Seng

    I’m caught in a real dilemma cos my family is leaving on our mid year holiday to Gold Coast on 1 Jun 12 but I do not know whether Scoot will start flying there by then. Should I take a risk and wait for Scoot’s announcement or should I secure seats on other main airlines? Our family need to travel on that designated date as our Gold Coast accomodation has already been secured.

  6. James Chua

    When can I start buying tickets for my whole family of 9 to gold coast

  7. Yeoh


    I would like to know is scoot fly ‘Auckland’ this year ?

  8. Thomas

    When will be Scoot’s maden flight?
    Don’t miss out Melbourne.

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