The birth of Scoot

The birth of Scoot

Nov 01
The birth of Scoot

This morning at Yello Jello, we held our public launch – but not in the most conventional way.

Though the room was full of journalists and the like, anyone there will tell you that we said ‘Hello’ to the world in a way they didn’t expect.

Watch the clip below to see what happened.

In any case, yes – we’re finally official. The run-up to the event was definitely hectic, but with such an agenda planned out it was really exciting!

The steady stream of snippets and speculation – what we were going to be called, where we were going to fly, and even what we were going to serve on board – helped whet appetites and get people talking….

As the saying goes – any publicity is good publicity, right?

It has been a heck of ride so far for the team, which has been growing quickly.  And it’s only gonna get even crazier.  But with that comes excitement, further boosted by all the enthusiasm being shown by our growing fanbase.

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The Scoot Family. Wanna join?

To get on board, please sign-up for updates at, or ‘Like’ our FlyScoot Facebook page., scoot, launch, low cost, long haul, medium haul

Visit us at

And if you have any thoughts you would like to share, please post your comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

- The Digital Dude

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  1. Keyur

    Great intro – CEO Looks a bit nervous though!! Looking forward to Scootin!! Its a great word. make that your own.. when someone wants to Scoot, they should be referring to ‘flying Scoot’….Best wishes….


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