If you CAN beat ‘em, join ‘em!!

If you CAN beat ‘em, join ‘em!!

Mar 14
If you CAN beat ‘em, join ‘em!!

Who hasn’t heard of the age old adage: ‘If you CAN’T beat them, join them‘? Well, Scoot would like to change that. When it comes to our launch promo fares, of course.

If you haven’t heard, we want you to BEAT our launch promo fares down as much as possible, because we are offering one-way fares to Sydney, the Gold Coast, and Singapore, at a price that YOU decide. So how do you get onboard the ‘beat-the-price’ down ship?

Just go to YOUDecide.flyscoot.com.


To be honest, when we first thought of this idea, we had no idea what to expect. And to be honest again, we have been extremely surprised by the participation. And it’s kinda adrenalin-pumping if you may, considering that the better this campaign does, the LOWER our fares will be.

But you know what, we introduced our brand to the world with a bang, so why not begin sales with an even louder bang? But we are going to need your help. We are in fact issuing you a CHALLENGE - how low can you make it go? And we want you to go as low as you possible can. It doesn’t end with you registering yourself – the more friends you tell about this challenge and the more that sign up, the lower our launch fare will get.

It’s as SIMPLE AS THAT – sign-ups go UP, price comes DOWN.

Dang. Just saying that makes me nervous. I guess I have no choice but to end off on a song that gets me grooving, and is wonderfully related to our current campaign as well.

In honor of the late King of Pop, here’s MJ’s Beat It.


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  1. Thomas

    I think Scoooooot is slow and not able to launch any flight in 2012. Just talk and nothing happen.

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