Learning to walk before we fly…

Learning to walk before we fly…

Nov 07
Learning to walk before we fly…

Just as we heaved a sigh of relief after our launch event, it became clear that the ride was only just beginning. No rest for the wicked, as they say!

By the end of the day, Scoot’s launch had already made it to News channels and newspapers around the world, including our very own – check out the clip below.

In the clip above, what we found most interesting were the interviews with the general public. The most obvious question that people had was whether or not our promise of lower fares will compromise our standards, most particularly our service.  The answer is emphatically “no”, and that is where Scoot will be different.

We believe that you can provide good, honest, respectful service while keeping costs low. We believe you can provide a great experience whilst keeping things simple. We believe that a no-frills airline can have an engaging PERSONALITY.  Why be cheap and nasty?  We’ll be cheap and cheerful!

It all boils down to our unique attitude, what we like to call Scootitude.

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Embodying Scootitude will be the core focus of how we operate, and the core focus of every member of the Scoot family. Which you may be able to tell from our first recruitment advert we posted earlier today.

Do you have a big smile and a bigger personality? Do you have Scootitude?  Interested? Send in your applications to JoinUs@FlyScoot.com now.

In the meantime, what do you think is Scootitude? Please let us know your thoughts below.



  1. IAN

    Happy official birthday Scoot! I am probably theee most excited person on Earth about this new airline! I have been following your every move and I am definitely looking forward for more. Will be sending in my application to be a part of the Scoot family(how can I not?!) like PRONTO and I’m so anxious about it already! Oh I hope i’ve got enough scootitude for you. Cause I must say, you’re looking so good already. Here’s to hope for the future! All the best Scoot! Xoxo.

  2. Eber Tan

    Scootitude is a cheerful personality that delivers fast results without compromising any core values.

  3. tri haryanti

    Scootitude should include scootilicious for food (cheap yet yummy)..scootipunc for punctual…sccotifutic for fun-tastic flight…

  4. I spupsoe that sounds and smells just about right.

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